Large Group Interventions are a cluster of methodologies that accelerate the development and ownership of an organisational change agenda. The phrase was coined by Barbara Bunker and Billie Alban in 1997, since when a variety of methodologies have evolved. This three-day workshop, held from 23rd-25th September 2013, will cover what it is, how it works and the conditions that make such interventions successful.


The workshop will be highly participative with a balance of teaching and learning through doing. The content is suited to those who already have relevant OD experience. These are some areas that will be addressed.

  • Describing large group methodologies and their characteristics – and looking at some in depth.
  • The contexts for which these methodologies are suitable.
  • Learning how to mix and match the different techniques.
  • Essentials that must be in place to support such methodologies.
  • How 'temporary change structures' support the design and execution of a large-scale event.
  • Differentiating between the role of designer and up-front facilitator.
  • Implications for your development if you want to 'major' in large group intervention.
  • Case planning and design work for your own event.


Who is it for?
HR and OD practitioners who regularly design and run interventions, and wish to strengthen their portfolio of intervention skills. Line leaders who would like to be more confident in using these methods to engage people when they lead change programmes.

For more information about the masterclass please contact Carol Golscher. For registration please contact Robin Beachy.